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What's your bread connection? 

Through tradition, culture, religion, taste or memory, we all share a connection to bread. 


What's your favorite bread? Would you consider baking that bread, wrapping it in a note of hope, inspiration or gratitude and offering it as a gift to honor a local hero or help someone in need of a smile?  If you say "yes" then you are now officially a "bread-giver" and part of our bread spreading community. Here's a guide to get started. We wrote it up for the Girl Scouts but it applies to everyone.


We love connecting with our bread spreaders, so send us an email:



Why Spread the Bread?

The great thing about Spread the Bread is that you can do it anytime and with anyone. You decide.


You can involve your friends and family in the process or you can get your school, community or church involved.


It all begins with a conversation.  What kind of bread will you bake?  Is there a story behind your bread that you'd like to share with your fellow bakers or the bread receiver?  To whom or where will you spread your bread?  Are your baking for local heroes?  If so, have a conversation about who are the heroes that live in your community?  Are you baking for someone in need?  Where do you see need in the community?  Are you baking for a local shelter, food pantry, nursing home, the elderly in your community, a hospital, family or neighbor in need?  


After you've answered these questions, you might have to make some phone calls and see if they are open to receiving the bread. Then, it's time to BAKE. Once the bread is baked, it's important decorate your bread and wrap it in a note of HOPE, INSPIRATION or LOVE.  Again, you decide to whom you'll spread your bread and make the card as personal as possible.


Once you breads or breads or ready--you are ready to SPREAD THE BREAD.  Make is fun, make it an adventure. YOU just baked a difference





Can spreading bread really bake a difference? Look at what happened when we met WWII veteran, Harold Eckman...

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Brownie Troop 2220 from Columbus, Ohio spread 120 loaves of bread.
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